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10 Ultimate ways to clean baby items in the dishwasher.

There’s no denying that babies put everything in their mouth, they can get their hands on. If there are germs on the toys or bottles then that’s not good for the health of the babies. So this stuff needs to be germs-free and clean completely. So that you can use it for the next feeding or playing.

You can clean the baby items including toys, and bottles in the dishwasher as well as hands. But it takes too much time by hand. So for saving time, use a dishwasher to clean the baby items. So in this article, I’m going to tell you “how to clean baby items in the dishwasher?” and also saving of time and money. Here we go.

What you should not put in the dishwasher?

Many baby items should not be kept in the dishwasher. Because some items are not dishwasher safe.

  • Such as some toys that suck water and become useless like a ball, or toys with push-button.
  • Wooden toys are also not allowed to be put in the dishwasher because the wood can ruin.
  • Battery-operated toys are also not clean in the dishwasher as they are electric that can harm the dishwasher too.
  • Any toy that has removable parts with it is not allowed to wash in the dishwasher.
  • Plush or fabric toys must not clean in the dishwasher because the fabric is not allowed in the dishwasher.
  • Toys that have pull strings and voice boxes are also not put in the dishwasher otherwise the toys can damage by water.
  • And, battery-operated toys are also not kept in the dishwasher.

So these are the items that must not wash or clean in the dishwasher.

Can baby bottles be put in the dishwasher?

Yes, it is okay to put baby bottles in the dishwasher. But bottles should be kept in a sequence like small, medium, or large also take care about temperature. Also, check that the bottles are dishwasher safe or not. If these are dishwasher safe then place a small bottle on the top rack and run a hot cycle.

The water should not be very hot that it melts the bottle. It should be hot enough to kill the germs on the bottle on its own and clean them completely. The normal baby bottle can also be safely sanitized in the dishwasher. So it’s ok and easy to clean and sanitize baby bottles in the dishwasher.

How to clean baby bottles in the dishwasher?


Can baby bottles be put in the dishwasher

Whenever you clean or wash baby bottles in the dishwasher, it is necessary to place bottles in order so that they wash completely. So these are some steps of cleaning the bottles in the dishwasher:

1.  Ensure baby items/bottles are dishwasher-safe

That’s true that a dishwasher is best for cleaning baby items. But all the baby items cannot be washed into the dishwasher. So before cleaning the bottles in the dishwasher be sure that the baby bottles are dishwasher-safe.

If it is difficult to know whether the bottle is dishwasher-safe or not, then clean it by hand. So that it could not make any trouble or damage to the baby items.

2.  Take apart the items/bottles

Separate all the parts of the bottle such as individual nipples, rings, bottles, valves, and caps. So that they can clean easily.

3.   Rinse the items/bottles

Now rinse all the parts of the bottle or any other item under the tap of running water. The temperature of the water does not matter.

4.   Location

Do not put the plastic bottle at the bottom of the dishwasher. Because the heat source can melt the bottles. So place the items on the top rack so that they do not melt.

5.   Secure bottles

Ensure that you have put the bottles in the dishwasher in a way that they do not fall on each other during the wash cycle. Otherwise, there will be dirty water in the bottles that you don’t want.

6.  Nipple care

As the nipples are made of silicone that holds the heat immediately. So place them away from the heat source in the top rack basket. We recommend you wash the nipples by hand so that these work for long.

7.  Use a safe detergent

Use a safe detergent to wash the items such as grab green, cascade, etc. because these detergents are bio-based, phosphate-free. Also, made of natural ingredients and is chemical-free.

8.  Run the cycle

Run the hot wash cycle in the dishwasher. So that the baby items sanitize and clean quickly. Using hot water will make the items germs-free.

9.  Dry thoroughly

Also, run the drying cycle of the dishwasher so that the bottles dry completely. Use the best rinse aid to dry the bottles spotless and sparkly.

10. Remove from dishwasher

Now the last step is to remove all the items from the dishwasher but before it washes your hands and dries them. If the items are still not dry then use an unused paper towel or dish towel to dry the items or bottles.

In the dishwasher, how can you sterilize baby bottles?

can you sterilize baby bottles

You must want that your baby stays away from diseases. So cleaning is important but sanitization is also very necessary. Through sanitization, the items will become germs-free. So after cleaning or washing the bottles, sanitize the bottles in the following steps:

Quick rinse:

First of all, rinse all parts of the bottle. This step should be performed extra carefully if the bottles have sat for some time in the sink (no judgment).

Place bottle in the dishwasher:

Now put bottles in the dishwasher. Set the dishwasher on the hot wash cycle, and also the sanitization cycle. So the sanitization cycle was also performed.

Start the dishwasher:

Press the “start” button on the dishwasher. When the dishwasher cycle is done, remove all the bottles from the dishwasher.

Why should you sterilize baby bottles?

Sterilizing the bottles and teats of your baby is very important because it will kill all the germs on them and protect your baby from various diseases, and infections. Such as vomiting, and diarrhea.

You can use teats inside out the bottle to clean it but after that wash it with hot water so that the germs kill on it. Sterilize the baby equipment until 12 months. So that the baby does not get any disease and save from germs. That’s why sterilization is important.

Best Commercial Dishwasher For Home Use

The ease of cleaning and time-saving characteristics of dishwashers have made them a necessity in every household. Dishwashers are available in a variety of types, from the silent compact to the more powerful and larger types. Today, dishwashers have established themselves as a very important part of the kitchen, alongside microwaves and induction cookers.

So dishwashers also save a lot of time. If we wash dishes by hand then it takes too much time. So dishwashers help in washing dishes in no time. So dishwashers are significant machines in our kitchen. We must know that what types of dishwasher is used at home.

Which toys to disinfect in the dishwasher?

Some toys are very essential to disinfect because the germs on them are very strong. So we should throw the following toys in the dishwasher:

  • First of all, toothbrushes as these are used in the mouth so they must be germ-free.
  • The next are binkies or pacifiers as these are baby essential items so they must disinfect.
  • Hairbrushes are also disinfected because it used for hair comb so it was important to clean them. But first, remove the hair from the hairbrush.
  • Water bowls are also necessary to disinfect as they contain water.
  • Tub toys and also other various toys should disinfect so that they become safe for the kid.

How to clean baby toys in the dishwasher?

How to clean baby toys in the dishwasher

Before sleeping, fill the dishwasher with a full load of toys. Even if the baby has not played with the toy, wash all the toys in a full load. So it’s not a bad idea. Run the dishwasher while you are going to bed at night. Run the dishwasher overnight and let the toys drip in it. So it is best to make them germ-free.

Here are some steps to clean the baby toys in the dishwasher:

1.  Use the silverware holder

Place the toys in the silverware holder which falls from the regular rack during the cycle. So put them holder so that they do not fall at the bottom of the dishwasher and clean perfectly. Also, put small toys in the silverware holder so that they carry them easily.

2.  Place medium toys on the top rack

Place the medium toys on the top rack of the dishwasher. So that it makes a place for large toys and is also easy to remove from the dishwasher after cycle. Let the toys clean sparkly. Also, place them away from the heat source because the toys will melt otherwise.

3.  Large toys on the bottom rack

Large toys including cars, stacking blocks, and dump trucks should be kept on the bottom of the dishwasher. If they do not fall during the cycle then that’s good to put them in the end. So don’t worry, they will clean brightly, and shiny.

4.  Use detergent

Now use detergent to wash them in the dishwasher. Detergent should natural-based. Some natural-based detergents are grab green, seventh-generation, etc. these detergents are best for cleaning. Also biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.

5.  Use light wash and air-dry

Once you load the dishwasher, set the dishwasher cycle on light wash and let the toys clean completely overnight. Whatever wash you set in the dishwasher, be sure that the heated option is off.

Otherwise, your toys will melt and you will face a wad of plastic at the bottom of the dishwasher. So avoid the heated wash cycle and let the toys clean sparkly and germ-free overnight.

6.  Take out of the dishwasher

In the last, take out all the toys from the dishwasher. And put them on a clean surface. Now the toys are ready to play with. So clean the toys in the dishwasher for at least a month. In this way, the toys are also cleaned and your baby is safe from germs.

How to clean plush and soft baby toys?

Plush and soft baby toys have no batteries in them, also have no pull string, voice boxes, or anything else like that, so just throw them into the machine. For easy removing from the machine and the problem of getting banged around put those into a pillowcase so that they do not get separate.

Now use the safe detergent and run the machine on the gentle wash cycle. After that remove them from the machine and hang them in the air or under the sun until dry. So that’s the way which is very easy to clean them.

Dangers of not washing baby bottles 

    It is advised by the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Paediatrics that all feeding bottles, teats, and dummies should be washed daily in hot, soapy water. New research has revealed that harmful bacteria can hide in the cracks and crevices. This bacteria can lead to health concerns and illnesses in babies, toddlers, and young children.

   If these objects aren’t cleaned properly, they could cause the baby harm. You should clean a baby’s bottle anytime you use it. It would help if you washed it in hot soapy water, rinsed it off, and dried it. If you don’t wash it well, it could harbor bacteria that can harm the baby. While you’re at it, be sure to rinse the pacifiers and toys. They are also a place where bacteria can grow.


How often should the bottle be washed?

After every feeding of babies, the bottle should be washed. If the baby does not finish milk within 2 hours then throw the unfinished milk. If you use the unfinished milk again then it will cause germs. So wash the bottle every time you feed the baby.

How do I clean brushes and basins used to wash bottles?

You can clean them after washing the bottles in the dishwasher. If the brushes and basins are not dishwasher-safe then clean them by hand, also sanitize them. If you steam the brush and basin then be sure they fit in the steamer.

So for cleaning with hands, first boil then steam and in the last soak them in the bleach water. This is the safe and easiest way to clean them by hand.

How does sanitizing and cleaning bottles differ?

Cleaning means that the bottles are just washed with soap and water to kill germs. But sanitizing is another or extra step to kill the germs more effectively. So after washing the bottles, sanitize the clean bottles to get rid of germs completely. Feeding items of the baby must sanitize for protection against various diseases.

How often should bottles be sanitized?

In the case of a baby under 3 months of age, a premature baby, or a baby with a compromised immune system as a result of illness (such as HIV) or drug treatment (such as chemotherapy for cancer), it is particularly crucial that you sanitize feeding items every day (or at least every couple of days).

So if the baby is healthy and strong then it is not necessary to sanitize the bottle daily. So clean the bottle completely and have no germs on them then sanitization is not crucial.

How do you sanitize toys that cannot be washed?

The toys that cannot be washed such as battery cars, etc. so simply take a piece of clean cloth, soak it into the solution of soap and warm water and wipe the toy with it. Like this, the toys will become sanitized, clean, and germ-free.

Are dishwasher detergent pods safe?

If the detergent pods have no phosphate and are also chemical-free, non-toxic, and organic, these are safe because they will dissolve quickly and do not cause any clogging.

Final words:

So if you face any problem and don’t know the cleaning, sanitizing and make the baby items germ-free then you can take help from this article. Even if your family seems healthy at the time, we suggest washing and sanitizing the toys or bottles and everyday use items at least once a month (because we all know sickness can strike at any time).

That’s right, now you know how to clean baby items in the dishwasher! If you want another help from us then please, leave a comment below! Also, share this article with your beloved ones.

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