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Will a dishwasher work without hot water? best review

There’s no doubt that the dishwasher uses hot water. Coldwater does not have the same cleaning ability as hot water. More than 50 gallons of water are needed for a full cycle of a dishwasher. Only 2-3 processes involve the use of hot water throughout all steps. Nevertheless, these 2-3 processes contribute greatly to the machine’s effectiveness.

In the case of running my dishwasher without hot water, now the confusion or usual question arises. That’s easy. No hot water is necessary to run the dishwasher. It is by no means necessary. In mostly all dishwashers, the bottom of the dishwasher has a circular heating element. Water is taken in from cold or normal sources and is heated by this element.

For most units, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is needed. It will then be heated up to 140-150 F so that it can be cleaned better. Dishwashers that are older need access to hot water. Technological advancements enable cold water use by new dishwasher models. So in this article, I will discuss dishwasher work without hot water or not.

Why does the dishwasher need hot water?

Usually, hot water is used to clean the dishes more effectively. A hot water line is connected to the dishwasher, which helps in cleaning the dishes with the hottest water. So dishwashers use hot water to clean utensils. And if we wash dishes twice with hot water it will also sanitize them.

But in this modern age, there are also available dishwashers that use cold water or normal water. They don’t use any hot water. These dishwashers clean dishes with normal water. So hot water only cleans the dishes more effectively and germ-free.

Why you should use hot water when using dishwashers?

Why you should use hot water when using dishwashers

Because hot water cleans the dishes cleaner as compared to cold water. Hot water help in cleaning the grease and food residue from plates more beneficially. And also hot water helps clean the hardest stains on utensils. Sometimes dishwasher is inadequate to utilize hot water.

Also, hot water saves time because it saves you from scrubbing the dishes. And also save cash. So that’s why hot water is used while using the dishwashers.

Can the dishwasher be connected to hot water?


As we know that hot water is excellent in washing dishes so it’s good for dishwasher. Therefore, the hot water line can be connected to your dishwasher. But before attaching the hot water line to the appliance, consider these things as follow:

Hot water line:

First, you should check your hot water line. Neither the temperature of the hot water line is too high nor low. The temperature should be normal just like a boiler that is used in the kitchens or washroom. So if the temperature is too high it will melt the pipes of the dishwasher which can damage your dishwasher.

High temperature:

The temperature of the hot water line should be maintained. If the temperature is too high it will destroy the dishwasher which would cause a big blast. So keep the temperature at 120 to 140 so that any corrosion does not occur. You can also keep the temperature labeled on the manual. So be careful in maintaining the temperature of the hot water line.

Rare cases:

The best source for dishwashers is hot water in cleaning dishes deeply. But many rare cases are found about dishwashers. That is most of the dishwasher’s hot water line is fitted so if you have decided to attach the hot water line to your appliance then before attaching it check the manual. If there is no hotline source in your dishwasher then attach the dishwasher to the source.

Hot water hose:

Different types of hose are available in the market. For cold water, the hose is designed differently as compared to hot water. So for cold and hot water, a hose is made different. They differ in red and blue as required to our needs. Use a hot water hose if you have decided to attach your dishwasher to the hot water line.

Can a dishwasher clean dishes without hot water?

Can a dishwasher clean dishes without hot water

Absolutely yes, the dishwasher can clean dishes without hot water. So as we know that the technologies are developing day by day. So many dishwashers have a heating element fixed in them which temperature the water too hot during washing the dishes. So the dishwasher can heat the water itself. Check our guide on how to fix the water filling problem for the dishwasher, if you have the same problem and you don’t know how to fix it.

Is it possible to use my dishwasher if my boiler is broken?

Yes, you can use your dishwasher if the boiler is broken. If you don’t have a heater to heat your water in the dishwasher then it’s ok because without it dishwasher can work. The dishwasher needs only the temperature of liquid while washing the dishes so it does not matter if the boiler is broken or not.

What is the water consumption of a dishwasher?

Water is used up quickly in dishwashers since they usually use 6-8 gallons per cycle. Approximately 2-3 gallons of this water is hot water. A dishwasher has a tough job because it has to heat water to 150-160F. So it used water according to the dishes.

Why is my dishwasher work without hot water?

If your dishwasher is connected to a cold water line then it could be the reason for water not getting hot because it’s connected to a cold line instead of a hot water line. If your dishwasher is connected to the hot water line and still the water is cold during washing the dishes then there is a problem in your dishwasher and somewhere else in your appliance. Here are some components where a problem can occur:

Heating element problem:

There can be a problem with the heating elements of the dishwasher. Check if the element is broken or damaged then replace it. Usually, the heating elements burn out due to overheating in the dishwasher. So you can check the heating element with a multimeter to examine whether it is faulty or not.

Hot water line:

If the dishwasher is not connected to the hot water line then it is also the cause of water, not heating. Because sometimes we can connect the dishwasher with cold water line so it can be the reason.


The thermostat is a component in the dishwasher which regulates the temperature of the dishwasher during the wash cycle. If it is faulty then the dishwasher would not know that when the heating element is off or on. So you can also check it with a multimeter just like a heating element that it’s true or false.

How do you know if your dishwasher heating element is bad?

You should inspect the heating element of your dishwasher if you notice your dishes are not drying properly. If you find the drying element to be corroded, blistered, or cracked, then you should replace it. It is strongly recommended that you replace any damaged parts of the element when they have burned out.

Frequently Ask Question

What if you want to add hot water manually?

A dishwasher without an inbuilt water heater element can be very beneficial to homeowners with an effective hot water system at home. In addition to being less expensive, dishwashers without a thermostat can also save you some money on your electricity bill. The manual will help you if you plan to purchase one of these.

It contains everything you need to know. But be attentive while setting the temperature of the dishwasher. Usually, the water temperature of the dishwasher is less than 160 F. if the temperature is high it would damage the dishwasher. So read the machine manual first.

Does the Bosch dishwasher use hot or cold water?

Condensation drying is a standard feature of Bosch dishwashers. Furthermore, the heating element is not used in Bosch dishwashers so in the bottom rack plastic is used. After the final rinse, the dishes are given a very hot wash with high-temperature water.

Can I connect the Bosch dishwasher to hot water?

Yes, you can connect the dishwasher to hot water but the temperature should be 60 degrees. But read the instructions in the manual. Because in the manual you can also find more ways of connecting the dishwasher to warm water.

Are dishwashers self-heating or do they use hot water?

Hot water is used by every dishwasher. Because hot water help in cleaning the dishes more effectively and efficiently. Some dishwasher used their heating element to heat up or warm the water whereas some are connected to the hot water line which helps in making the water hot.

If dishwasher boiler is broken, can I use it?

       It is not only the boiler you will need to worry about when your boiler breaks, but also the dishwasher, which will heat the water inside. So you have to worry about heating the water if the boiler is broken.

Final though:

We learned in this article why hot water optimizes dishwasher cleaning. Hot water is not a necessity, however. Dishwashers can be run with cold water as well. Warm water helps it to clean more efficiently. In addition, hot water can be manually supplied. The heated water in a dishwasher will be heated automatically if you purchase one with a heating element.

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