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How To Fix Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E19

If you have a Bosch dishwasher, there’s a chance you may encounter an error code E19. This code indicates that there is a problem with the drainage system of your dishwasher. While it can be frustrating to see this error message, don’t worry – fixing it is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot and fix the E19 error so that you can get your Bosch dishwasher back up and running in no time.

First, we’ll explain what the E19 error code means and why it occurs. Then, we’ll guide you through some simple steps to diagnose and fix the issue on your own. Whether it’s a clogged filter or drain line or a faulty drain pump, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the problem quickly and easily. By following our advice, you’ll be able to save money on repairs and prevent future errors from occurring in your Bosch dishwasher. So let’s get started!

Understanding the E19 Error Code

Now, let’s dive into what’s causing this pesky E19 error to pop up on your dishwasher. The E19 error code on your Bosch dishwasher means that there is an issue with the pump motor. It could be caused by a clog in the drain hose or a failed pump motor. You may also notice that the water doesn’t completely drain from the dishwasher, which is another sign of this error.

To fix the E19 error code, you will need to check and clear any blockages in the drain hose first. If you don’t find any obstruction, then it’s likely that the pump motor has stopped working properly. In this case, you will need to replace it or call a professional technician for help.

If you decide to tackle fixing your Bosch dishwasher yourself, make sure to turn off power at the circuit breaker before attempting any repairs. Always follow safety precautions and refer to your user manual for specific instructions on how to access and remove parts safely. By taking these steps, you can successfully fix the E19 error code on your Bosch dishwasher and get back to clean dishes in no time!

Checking the Dishwasher Filter

Let’s take a look at the dishwasher filter and see if that could be causing any issues. The filter is responsible for catching food particles, debris, and other objects that might clog up the drain or cause other problems within your dishwasher. If the filter becomes dirty or clogged, it can prevent water from flowing through the machine properly and cause error codes like E19 to appear.

To check your dishwasher’s filter, first turn off the power and unplug your appliance. Locate the filter at the bottom of your dishwasher tub and remove it carefully. Check for any visible signs of damage or buildup on the surface of the filter itself. If you notice anything unusual like cracks, holes, or excessive grime build-up, it may be time to replace your dishwasher’s filter altogether.

Once you’ve inspected and cleaned your dishwasher’s filter correctly, reinsert it back into its original position. Make sure everything fits snugly before turning on power to test out whether this has resolved your E19 error code issue. By following these steps, you’ll have a better understanding of how to maintain this crucial component in keeping a clean kitchen while avoiding costly repairs down the road!

Inspecting the Drain Hose

You may be feeling frustrated, but don’t worry – inspecting the drain hose is another important step in troubleshooting your dishwasher issue and getting it back to working properly. The drain hose is responsible for removing dirty water from the dishwasher after a wash cycle, so if there’s a problem with it, this can cause an E19 error code to appear on your Bosch dishwasher. Here’s how you can inspect the drain hose:

  1. First, make sure that the drain hose is not kinked or bent in any way. A kink or bend in the hose can prevent water from flowing out of the dishwasher properly.

  2. Next, check for any blockages inside the drain hose itself. Remove the drain hose from both ends (the connection point at the back of your dishwasher and where it drains into your sink or garbage disposal) and use a long object like a wire hanger to remove any debris that might be blocking it.

  3. Finally, inspect both ends of the drain hose for damage or wear and tear. If there are any cracks or leaks present, this could also be causing an E19 error code to occur on your Bosch dishwasher.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to quickly identify whether there’s an issue with your Bosch dishwasher’s drain hose and take steps towards fixing it as soon as possible!

Testing the Drain Pump

To test the drain pump, you’ll need to listen for any unusual sounds coming from the bottom of your machine and observe if water is properly draining during a wash cycle. First, locate the drain pump at the bottom of your dishwasher and remove any debris or foreign objects that might be blocking it. Once you’ve cleared any blockages, run a wash cycle and see if water is draining properly.

If you still hear unusual sounds or notice that water isn’t draining properly, it’s time to test the drain pump itself. Turn off the power supply to your dishwasher and unplug it from its electrical source before proceeding. Remove the cover panel at the bottom of your machine and locate the drain pump motor. Check for signs of wear or damage on the impeller or motor shaft.

Finally, use a multimeter to check for continuity in the wiring leading to and from your dishwasher’s drain pump motor. If there are no apparent issues with either the impeller or wiring, then you may need to replace your dishwasher’s entire drain pump assembly. Remember to always follow manufacturer guidelines when repairing appliances, as improper repair can lead to further damage or injury.

Clearing Blockages in the Drain Line

If you’re experiencing a clogged drain line, imagine standing over your dishwasher as water slowly rises and spills out onto the floor. This can be frustrating, but it’s important to stay calm and take action. One of the most common causes of a clogged drain line is food debris or other objects blocking the flow of water. To fix this issue, you’ll need to clear any blockages in the drain line.

To begin, locate the drain hose at the back of your Bosch dishwasher and detach it from its connection point. Look inside the hose for any visible blockages such as food particles or soap scum buildup. If you notice any obstructions, use a long wire or pipe cleaner to carefully remove them from the hose. Once you’ve cleared out any debris, reattach the hose and run a cycle to see if the issue has been resolved.

If clearing blockages in the drain line doesn’t solve your problem, there may be an issue with your dishwasher’s pump motor or impeller. In this case, it may be necessary to call in a professional technician for further diagnosis and repair. However, by regularly cleaning your dishwasher’s filters and following proper loading techniques recommended by Bosch, you can help prevent future issues with clogs in your drain line.

Resetting the Dishwasher

After experiencing frustration with a clogged drain line, it may be necessary to reset your dishwasher, allowing for a fresh start and hopefully resolving any issues. Resetting the dishwasher is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, turn off the power to your Bosch dishwasher by unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker.
  • Next, wait for about five minutes before turning the power back on – this will give your dishwasher time to fully reset.
  • Once you’ve turned the power back on, select a new cycle and see if the E19 error code has been resolved.

If resetting the dishwasher doesn’t work, there may be other underlying issues causing the error code. In this case, it’s best to contact a professional technician who can diagnose and repair any problems with your appliance.

Resetting your Bosch dishwasher is an easy and effective way to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter while using it. By following these simple steps, you can help ensure that your appliance continues working properly and efficiently for years to come.

Updating the Dishwasher Software

Now we’ll learn about updating the software on your dishwasher to ensure it’s running at its best. Bosch frequently releases software updates for their dishwashers, which can help fix errors and improve overall performance. To update your dishwasher’s software, you’ll need a laptop or computer with internet access.

First, visit the Bosch website and navigate to the "Support" section. Select your specific dishwasher model and download any available software updates. Save these files onto a USB drive. Next, insert the USB drive into your dishwasher’s control panel and follow the instructions on-screen to install the update.

Updating your dishwasher’s software is an important step in maintaining its efficiency and reducing error codes like E19. By regularly checking for updates and installing them as needed, you can extend the lifespan of your appliance and keep it running smoothly for years to come. So don’t forget this crucial step in maintaining your Bosch dishwasher!

Contacting Bosch Customer Support

To ensure optimal performance and address any concerns, reaching out to Bosch’s customer support is a wise decision. Their team of experts can provide comprehensive assistance in resolving the E19 error code on your Bosch dishwasher. You can contact them through email, phone, or chat support.

When contacting Bosch customer support, make sure to have all the necessary information ready so that they can quickly diagnose and address the issue. This includes the model number of your dishwasher, when you first noticed the error code, and any troubleshooting steps you have already taken. Additionally, be prepared to follow their instructions closely to prevent further damage or voiding of warranty.

Bosch is committed to providing excellent customer service and will do everything possible to help you fix any issues with your dishwasher. Whether it’s updating the software or replacing faulty parts, their team will work diligently until your appliance is functioning at its best. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance so that you can enjoy clean dishes without any hassle!

Preventing Future Error Codes

Ensure your dishwasher runs smoothly in the future by following these tips to avoid any further complications:

  • Clean your dishwasher regularly: Regularly cleaning your dishwasher can help prevent clogs and ensure it runs efficiently. Remove any food particles or debris from the bottom of the dishwasher, clean out the filters and check for any signs of buildup.

  • Use a quality detergent: Using a good quality detergent can also help prevent error codes. Avoid cheap detergents as they are likely to leave behind residue that can cause blockages or affect the performance of your dishwasher.

  • Check water supply lines: Make sure that there are no kinks or bends in the water supply lines. If you notice any leaks, drips, or cracks, it is important to replace them immediately.

By following these simple tips, you can help prevent error codes from appearing on your Bosch dishwasher. Not only will this save you time and money on repairs, but it will also ensure that your dishwasher continues to clean your dishes with ease. Remember to always read through the manual provided by Bosch so that you know how to properly maintain and troubleshoot any issues with your appliance.

Conclusion: A Quick and Easy Fix for the E19 Error Code

You can easily prevent future complications with your Bosch dishwasher by following these simple tips, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Firstly, always read the instruction manual carefully before using your dishwasher. It will provide you with valuable information on how to operate it properly and give you tips on maintenance and troubleshooting.

Secondly, check the filters regularly and clean them as needed. Dirty filters can cause blockages in the water flow, leading to poor cleaning performance or even damage to the machine. Make sure to remove any food debris or other particles that may have accumulated inside.

Lastly, avoid overloading your dishwasher or using too much detergent. This can cause excess sudsing and reduce its effectiveness in cleaning dishes. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for load sizes and detergent amounts to ensure optimal performance from your machine.

By following these simple tips, you can prevent future error codes like E19 from occurring in your Bosch dishwasher. If you do encounter this problem again, however, don’t worry! The fix is quick and easy – simply follow the steps outlined in our previous subtopic and get back to enjoying clean dishes in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the E19 error code in Bosch dishwashers?

If you’re seeing the E19 error code on your Bosch dishwasher, it typically means there’s an issue with the appliance’s drainage system. This could be caused by a clogged filter or drain hose, a faulty pump, or even an improperly installed dishwasher. It’s important to address this issue as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your machine. By identifying and fixing the root cause of the problem, you can get your Bosch dishwasher back up and running efficiently in no time.

Is it safe to attempt to fix the E19 error code on my own or should I call a professional?

If you are not experienced in repairing dishwashers, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional to fix the e19 error code on your Bosch dishwasher. Attempting to fix the error code on your own may lead to further damage and could potentially harm yourself or others if proper precautions are not taken. Professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to diagnose and repair the issue safely and effectively. While it may be tempting to try and save money by fixing the problem yourself, it’s important to consider the potential risks involved. Play it safe and leave the repairs in the hands of a qualified technician.

How long does it typically take to fix the E19 error code?

If you’re wondering how long it typically takes to fix the e19 error code on your dishwasher, it really depends on the specific issue causing the error. Some fixes can be relatively quick and easy, while others may require more time and expertise. It’s always a good idea to do some troubleshooting on your own if you feel comfortable doing so, but if you’re not confident in your ability to diagnose and fix the problem, it’s best to call in a professional. They’ll be able to quickly identify the issue and recommend the best course of action for getting your dishwasher working properly again.

Can the E19 error code be prevented from happening in the future?

To prevent the e19 error code from happening in the future, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that your dishwasher is properly maintained and cleaned regularly. This includes cleaning out any debris or food particles from the filters and spray arms, as well as running a cycle with dishwasher cleaner every few months. Additionally, try to avoid overloading the dishwasher or using too much detergent, which can cause excessive sudsing and lead to drainage issues. Finally, be mindful of what you’re putting in the dishwasher – some items may not be safe for use or could potentially clog the drain system. By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your Bosch dishwasher runs smoothly and avoid encountering error codes like e19 in the future.

How do I know if the E19 error code has been completely resolved?

To know if the e19 error code has been completely resolved, you need to run your Bosch dishwasher through a full cycle. Once the cycle is complete, check for any error codes on the display panel. If there are no error codes displayed, then it’s likely that the issue has been successfully resolved. However, if the e19 error code reappears during or after a cycle, then there may be an underlying issue that still needs to be addressed. In this case, it’s best to consult with a professional technician or reach out to Bosch customer support for further assistance.


Congratulations, you have successfully fixed the E19 error code on your Bosch dishwasher! By following the steps outlined in this article, you were able to identify and resolve any issues with the filter, drain hose, and pump. Additionally, you may have needed to clear blockages or update the software on your dishwasher.

To prevent future error codes from occurring, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your dishwasher according to manufacturer recommendations. This can include cleaning filters and checking for any obstructions in the drain line. If you continue to experience issues with your Bosch dishwasher or encounter a different error code, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support team for further assistance. Happy dishwashing!

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