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How to repair a rusty dishwasher rack- Easily and quickly

Dishwashers are the necessary household now a days. It’s difficult to decline that dishwashers handles a lot of utensils and has made our life easy. So people use dishwasher to rapidly and competently wash their utensils. There are also some people who washed their dishes by hands or old fashioned method. But through dishwasher, our time has saved.

Dishwashers can pick up all kinds of kitchen utensils, dishes and glasses. Sometimes a dishwasher provide/serve you for many years or more without requirement of any repair. But by the period of their use, the racks of the dishwasher become rusty. So when the racks becomes rusty, during the wash cycle dishes also have rust on them and does not clean properly. It can occur by putting too much heavy stuff onto the racks or by some other reasons.

It does not matter what the problem is with dishwasher. Because every problem has a solution. So here we are culmination/highlight the methods of How to repair a rusty dishwasher rack.

So here we go.

Why are my dishes rusting in the dishwasher?

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Usually rust occurs when the metal reveal with water and oxygen for a very long time. So it’s a natural phenomenon. When we wash dishes in the dishwasher regularly then the layer on the dishwasher rack becomes to dwindle. And with the regular wash of dishes, the dishes become rust and do not clean properly.

So by the period of time the dishwashers rack become rust and become cause of rusty dishes which is dangerous for our health also.

Why is my dishwasher rack rusting?

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Basically verbalizing, when the layers onto the dishwasher racks becomes fade or dwindle then the racks becomes rusty. It happens for several causes but it usually occurs by the mismanaging of wash cycles or geriatric/aging:

Heat cycle:

When the heat cycle is too much hot during the wash cycle then the wax melts from the dishwashers rack. Usually this wax is known as vinyl. It not only destroy the racks but also damage the dishwasher itself. And when the wax melts from the dishwasher racks, they become rusty when the water regularly fall on these racks during the wash of dishes.


Overloading the dishwasher racks and placing the dishes in the rack gradually snippet the coating of wax away. In reality, the fast whetted or sharp utensils such as knife and fork can damage the racks also. Because if you put these sharp things carelessly in the dishwasher then it breaks the wax then during the wash cycle the water enters the breakage of wax and cause rust onto them. So put these sharp utensils carefully in the dishwasher.


Severe use of dishwasher causes damaging of racks. If your dishwasher is of low quality then the coating of dishwasher racks begin to damage, fail or crack after a small time of use. Because when you use a machine regularly then there’s also come a time when your machine is out of order or become useless. So as with dishwasher within the period of time the dishwashers rack also become rusty and not able to use.

What about metal dishwasher rack?

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If your dishwasher rack has no wax on them and made of another metal or stainless steel then rust can appear on the racks due to the following reasons:

Water pipes:

The pipes of dishwashers also made up of brass, copper and metal which is the cause of rust on pipes. If there is rust on pipes then the chances are powerful of rust on racks when they exposure with the pipes. So because of these rusty pipes, the dishwasher racks also becomes rusty. And when you wash your dishes, the dishes come out rusty and dirty.

Forgetting cutlery:

The metal cutlery such as knife and fork can cause rust on the racks. If the metal cutlery is old and has rust on them, and you forget these cutlery in the dishwasher after a wash cycle then the rust can spread in the dishwasher racks and make the dishwasher rusty which also the cause of damaging of dishwasher.

Iron rich water:

The confined water supply accommodate iron oxide in few places of dishwasher. The iron oxide assemble in the dishwasher throughout every wash cycle. So this cause rust to the dishwashers racks and pipes when the iron oxide twig or stick to these parts. When these parts are rusty then when you wash your dishes these also have rust on them.

Is rust on my dishwasher rack dangerous?


If there is rust in your dishwasher then you should know that it generally stick to the metal parts of the dishwasher and also the dishwasher racks. So it appears on your dishes also when you wash your dishes in the dishwasher. Usually the quantity of rust is inaudible and non-dangerous. So the rust on your dishes is harmless.

But if the amount of rust on the dishes is too much then do not use these dishes. Because it can cause many bacterial diseases like skin rashes etc. but you can use these dishes by washing them with water. Even if you has washed the dishes in the dishwasher. So the rust is not harmful at all but precaution is necessary. So wash the dishes then use them for eating.

Can I use my dishwasher if it has rust?

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Well it depend on the amount of rust that how much it is? If there is less rust in the dishwasher then you can use it for more years. But if the rust is too much then stop using the appliance. Because rusty pipes can cause leakage. The water in the pipes might leak and fall into other electrical components which cause damaging of your dishwasher.

This leakage can also cause severe electric shock. And become the cause of somebody death. So if your dishwasher is rusty then don’t use it. We recommended you to clean your dishwasher and racks regularly so that they do not get any rust. You can also call a specialist to clean your dishwasher but if it is necessary then get a new appliance.

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7 ways to repair your rusty dishwasher rack:

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Some dishwashers get soon rusty but some took time that mean difference of quality. So we should take care of these kind of appliances because the small damage can cause a big problem. Regular wash of dishes can also cause breakage of racks and other components.

Sometimes dishwasher racks does not set out on their positions and get damaged. You might don’t know why your racks need repairs. The dishwasher rack problem does not matters. We just need or search a solution of the trouble. So here we are representing some ways to repair a dishwasher according to the problem.

Close the track latches:

The problem is that the dishwasher racks fall out of their tracks. So its common problem which could handle. When you put your dishes into the dishwasher and after a wash cycle when you pull out your dishes the dishwasher racks also come out which cause breakage and damaging of your racks.

If your racks come out of their track then it does not mean the racks are broken, it just the latches of track are open. So there is a small hook at the end of each rack track. The cap on the hinge can turn over forward to behave like an abundant. Similarly the cap can turn over backward also which cause the opening of tracks. This is how you can remove racks from the dishwasher to clean and maintain them.

Sadly these hinge cap can turn over or flip easily which cause the rack to move out from their track. So just put back the racks in the dishwasher and turn over these caps forward. If these caps again flip then use thread seal tape or plumber tape to join them.

Bend the rack back into shape:

The problem is that the dishwasher racks or lopper get out of their shape or bent. So it’s not a big problem because the dishwasher racks are made up of a metal wire and a coating of a wax known as vinyl. The metal wire can bent easily because of its thickness which acts like a flexible bars.

So it’s also a wire which could bent by some force. When we put heavy dishes into the dishwasher and hold the racks of dishwasher forcefully then it causes the bend of your some rack’s tine. Before getting a new dishwasher rack, try to bend the old rack in shape with some force. So that the rack could come in its real shape.

Use vinyl paint to glue broken tines:

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The problem is that if one or more tines of rack broke. It happens because of sudden pressure or force. So you don’t need to buy a new one. For this just cut the broken tine with a cutter and installed a new tine with the use of vinyl paint. Because vinyl paint is made for this purpose.

So put the tine to the proper place and set a drop of vinyl paint on it. When the paint dry, apply some a layer of vinyl paint on it so that it could save from getting rust.

Remove the rust and reapply the vinyl paint:

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The problem is that the dishwasher rack are rusty and they has uncover the metal wires. If your dishwasher rack are facing serious rust then it causes the damage of rack. Usually rust is caused by the combination of water and metal, which is called oxidation. It is called corrosion which eats the metal slowly.

Usually rust occurs in the corners and tips of tines. So if your racks are getting rust then just sand the racks until the rust goes finish and they shine even without any paint. So when the metal shine apply a layer of vinyl paint so that it covers the metal and protect the racks from rust. But if there is too much rust on the racks then replace it with a new one.

Level the dishwasher feet:

The problem is that your dishwasher racks come outward when you open the dishwasher door. So it does not mean that the racks are damage. It happen just because of gravity. So check the level of dishwasher feet.

If the back feet of dishwasher is upward then the front feet then it caused the imbalance of racks. So level/straightened the dishwasher feet so that the racks don’t come out.

Glue on the rack caps:

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The problem is that if your dishwasher racks are still getting out of their track then you can order a repair kit of dishwasher rack. The dishwasher/appliance repair kit consists of a glue and the caps for the tine. It’s very simple to stop moving the racks. Just apply glue on the hinge and place the actual caps on its up/top end.

Be careful when you are applying glue because the glue has strong smell and also dry very fast.

Clean the track and wheels:

The problem is that the dishwasher racks are inflexible or hardened in the tracks so that’s why your racks are imbalance. There can be two reasons behind it. The first reason is that the tracks and rack wheels need some repair and maintenance and the second reason is that the racks bend out of shape.

So we have already discuss about the bend of racks so let discuss on the maintenance of wheels.so there’s might some food particles stuck in the track wheel so just clean it so that the glide of wheel could be flexible.

How to repair a rusty dishwasher rack-step by step tutorial

Some tips to enlarge the life of your dishwasher rack:

  • To broadened the life of your dishwasher rack, with the help of wire cutting plier or cutter cut off the rusted lopper or tines of the rack from its top end.
  • If there is rust on any part of the rack, sand this part so that the rusted area could be remove.
  • If the coating on the dishwasher racks is getting fade then apply the dishwasher rack coating to the racks so that it could save from rust. The dishwasher rack coating is available at appliance store.
  • When you apply the plastic coating onto the racks then let it sit for 24 hours so that it firm strong. And then start using the dishwasher.

Final words:

So if your dishwasher is suffering from rust then use these methods. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends, family and others.

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