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How to unclog a dishwasher Secret Tips and Tricks.

           When the dishwasher is not draining water and smelly, messy, and stinking water is sitting at the bottom then your dishwasher is clogged. While this is not easy to unclog and it’s not very awkward. Because a dishwasher manages many kinds of food flotsam. All things affirmed when the drain of the dishwasher clogs.

           The drain of the dishwasher can clog from different places and for different reasons. But mostly the reason for clog is food waste because when you wash dishes in the dishwasher some tiny food particles sit in the drain so that why the appliance is clogged.

           So you don’t need to worry. Today we are here to tell you how to unclog a dishwasher? You don’t need to call a plumber or technician for this because a clogged dishwasher can be fixed sometimes without the help of any professional, or technician.

Here we go!

How Do I Know if the dishwasher drain Hose is clogged?

How do I know If my dishwasher drain is clogged

 If a bit of these thing happen then your dishwasher is clogged:

  • The tiny food particles plunged into the strainer.
  • There is water sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher, near the strainer drain.
  • The dishwasher keeps close off and cannot accomplish a whole wash cycle.
  • There is a clog in the drain outlet if your dishwasher is not evacuating water.

What Causes Water Not Drain From a Dishwasher?

What Causes Water Not Drain From a Dishwasher

 There are petty reasons that why is your appliance not draining water? So it’s a clog in the dishwasher because of tiny foodstuff. But there’s also some probable causes:

  • Pump issues: It is necessary to replace the pump if it is broken because in a broken pump food debris may be stopping the water to drain.
  • Worn belt: Well this is scarce. But if the pump connection in the dishwasher is managed by a belt that is then bent down then the pump won’t be able to drain water outside. So if your appliance has a belt and it is broken so you have to replace it, if it is essential.
  • Non-functional timer: Check the timer apparatus of your dishwasher and change it with the new one if it is essential. You may need here guide of a professional.
  • Faulty motor: If the motor of the dishwasher is not working properly then you should replace it. Because the motor might disorder with the mixture of components. But here you need the help of a technician.
  • Drain valve or the solenoid: Mostly dishwasher has a drain valve that drains the water out. And the drain/bleeder valve is controlled by a solenoid. There is a timer that responds. If there is no problem with the timer then check the valve and solenoid of the dishwasher it these are broken then replace them.

How to Unclog a Dishwasher drain in a few steps:

how to unclog a dishwasher 1

So here the few steps to help you to unclog your dishwasher:

(Pro tip: You should read your appliance manual first because every brand has a different method of unclogging dishwasher which might be different from ours.)

Step#1: Prepare your dishwasher

             Before setting your appliance evacuating problems. Be assured you should have removed all the dishes from the dishwasher rack. If the dishes are quiet, not clean you should keep them separate. Because when the dishwasher is repaired you can clean them. And make sure you have to remove the last rack of the dishwasher so that it may not make your work difficult and may not cause any hurdle.

Step#2: Make sure your appliance is switched off

             After the dishwasher is free of dishes now you should disconnect the dishwasher from the soucet. Because it is dangerous if the dishwasher has current in it. And electricity and water are dangerous together. So be sure that no current is in the appliance.

Step#3: Remove the standing water with a towel/cloth

             Once the dishwasher is disconnect from the circuit now you should clean the extra water standing in the dishwasher. It is very necessary because it reduces the chances of slip when you are repairing the dishwasher.

Step#4: Check the drain hose

            A drain hose is a pipe that connects your dishwasher with the waste discarding. The drain hose is located in the back of the dishwasher or under the sink. So if you going to check the dishwasher drain hose you have to unattached it from the back so that you can fix it without any hurdle.

Step#5: Remove drain hose/pipe and washed

             Once you found the drainpipe, disconnect it from the dishwasher with pliers to loosen or take out the clamp. Place a dish under the hose so that extra water spills on the dish. You can begin opening it out after disconnecting the hose. If you don’t found any waste after discomposing the hose then there might be any problem or waste in the drain of the dishwasher.

  Step#6: Check dishwasher drain

                Remove a basket shape part in the base of your appliance with a spanner the same as you do with the drainpipe. Then remove the debris with a hamper. If your appliance is not yet draining water outside then now you should call a professional.

How to fix dishwasher soap dispenser and door spring Easily

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How to unclog a dishwasher step by step tutorial

Can I Run My Dishwasher If My Sink Is Clogged?

             Usually, the dishwasher and sink are connected. Dishwashers will frequently use up your sink discarding. Your dishwasher won’t drain adequately if your sink is clogged. Because the tiny particles of food are stuck into the drain hose which connects the sink and dishwasher.

              So you have to take care of the dishwasher. When you clean your dishes into a dishwasher, make sure to remove hard foods like chicken bones, popcorn, lemon seeds, peach bits, etc. Because this waste is responsible for the clog of your dishwasher.

Does Boiling Water Unclog Drain?

              It is a cheap and easy way to open a clog. Because many clogs can be open by boil water but sometimes it won’t work. But if you want to try this method, you have to boil water. But do not use this method if you have PVC pipes because they could melt and may be damaged.

So if you want to try this method, follow these steps:

  • First of all boil the water.
  • You should wipe out the standing water in the dishwasher with a sponge or a cup until the water boils so that your time would not waste.
  • When the water boils, pour it into the drain. If the water stand in the drain then wait for it to cool down before removing the water and repeat it several times.

How Do I Unclog My Dishwasher with Vinegar/sour liquid?

            You can also use vinegar to unclog the drain of the dishwasher. Mix vinegar, baking soda, and boil water to unclog. For this, you have to pour one cup of vinegar into the below basket of the dishwasher then mix ½ cup of baking soda in the basket. Leave it for 20 minutes. Then pour boil water in the bottom and see the clog to clear. Do this a couple of times. If it does not work then do not continue it.

Can Coke Unclog a Drain?

        Coke is an acidic/acerbic drink. So it can be used to unclog the drains. And it also a very funny method, you can try. So if you want to try this method, follow these steps:

  • Take a two-liter of coke bottle at room temperature.
  • Pour it straight into the basket of the dishwasher or drain and leave it for two or three hours.
  • After these hours pour boiling water into the drain.
  • And now check your dishwasher.

Prevent Future Clogs | Dishwasher Maintenance 

Prevent Future Clogs | Dishwasher Maintenance 

          If you take care of not only your dishwasher but every appliance so it would be good. Because it would not waste your time so that you can handle every situation. Taking care of your appliances is also a part of being an excellent house owner. In this way, you can also save a lot of money by taking care of your appliances.

          You must clean your dishwasher every day. Clean the bottom of the dishwasher every day so that it would be saved from grease and drain clog that assembles.

  • Clean the filter in your dishwasher basin: If you want that your dishwasher to work in a wonderful condition then you have to clean it daily. You should commonly clean and wash the dishwasher filter. You should rinse out your basin routinely at the bottom of the dishwasher. Every dishwasher is different, so find your filter and clean it daily to stay away from greasy and tacky disposal.
  • Lightly rinse dishes beforehand: Before putting your dishes into the dishwasher, make sure to clean the hard particles of food. Because these are the cause of clog in your dishwasher. You don’t need to clean dishes twice but you just have to clean the food particles. This would help you to clean your basin most of the time and your filter will remain clean.
  • Don’t put hard foodstuff in the trash compactor: Beware of these hard foodstuffs. Because they flow down into the drain and get jammed into the trash compactor which is very harmful to your dishwasher.



                So drain clogging is the most common problem. The best method to circumvent it is that do not put waste materials into the dishwasher or sink. Because it might clog the drain pipe which is harmful for your dishwasher. Put the wastage or garbage into the dustbin or trash and do not put the garbage in the pipe or drain.

Make sure that you have sweep off the plates before putting them into the dishwasher. Because these stuff causes clog. You can also buy or use drain gates which will stop the food particles to fall in the drain or sink.

                Clogs would happen, no matters how much careful you are. But delectably, there are many methods to fight with this problem. So I hope you find this article helpful which will guide you to unclog your dishwasher. So share this article to your friends, family and others.

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