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How to use a commercial dishwasher Easily

As we know that this is modern age so most of the household work is done by machines as well as washing dishes but only buying a machine is not enough we also have to understand how to use these machines properly. We must observe closely and understand these machines for this purpose.

Here I’m going to tell you how to use a commercial dishwasher properly so that you can use this dishwasher without any hindrance and preserve your utensils and dishwasher from damage. For this, you need to read about this dishwasher so that you can operate it easily.

Here’s some guide about “how to use a commercial dishwasher?” so that you can use it without breaking or staining the dishwasher. So let’s get a start on it.

What is a commercial dishwasher?

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It is an industrial dishwashing machine that can clean a wide range of pots, pans, crockery, and so forth. Commercial dishwashers may also be called warewashers or warewashing machines. Commercial dishwashers can fully clean all cups and utensils by using a water churning machine.

These commercial dishwashers are generally found in schools, hotels, and other commercial kitchens where large quantities of items need fast cleaning. So commercial dishwashers are bigger than a normal dishwasher.

While cleaning, all commercial dishwashers undergo the same process: they fill, operate, drain, wash, and finish by cleaning. All of the items will be returned to their respective shelves after you’ve finished, so you can get back to work.

How do commercial dishwashers work?

However, commercial dishwashers don’t fill up with water all the way, even though they use water to clean the dishes. Only the top of the dishwasher fills up with water. Since commercial dishwashers kill germs using hot water, dishes are sanitized and germs are removed.

Cleaning dishes by hand is not as germ-free as using a commercial dishwasher. Temperatures of commercial dishwashers typically range from 65°C to 71°C during the wash cycle. This temperature reaches 180°F at the end of the cycle.

The following steps are used to launch a dishwasher:

Step1: Filling the commercial dishwasher

When placing items into the commercial dishwasher, you should always ensure the drain is closed. When the machine is ready to operate, it must be filled by pressing and holding the fill button. When two inches of water are in the pan, it’s filled.

You should then check if the temperature is within its normal limits. The recommended temperature range for our lab is 140°-155°F. Check that the detergent is sufficient as well. After the rinse has been completed, apply a sanitizer & rinse additive.

Step2: Organizing and loading the dishwasher

     It’s necessary to have washed dishes clean with a soapy sponge and cleared away heavy stains and debris, before loading dishes onto the dishwasher rack. There must be such a place in the kitchen, where dirty dishes can be assembled and soaked if necessary. The better your utensils are pre-rinsed, the better the result will be.

Load smaller plates to the front of the rack and larger plates to the back. Cups and glasses should replace on the racks. The appliance starts working once its door is closed and the rack is set inside. But some dishwashers need you to hold a start button instead.

Step3: Drying

      All crockery is air-dried for actual sterility. High-temperature dishwashers precedently leave the dishes almost dry and warm so they will be completed speedily. A kitchen should have a draining area where utensils can be dried and taken up to be cleaned up.

This process might help to create a moderately inclined place where utensils are kept to clear and dry.

Step4: Drain and clean

      The commercial dishwasher should be rinsed every day. To clean the dishwasher, first of all, turn off the power, then open the door of the dishwasher and pull up one of the drain ball assemblies. Remove and clean the pump screen and scrap the accumulator tray. Also double-check lower and upper wash arms for debris.

Each dishwasher will come with a set of specifications that should become after for and require a cleaning process.

How to make dishwashing more effective?

1.      Run full loads

      It may be captivating to wash insufficient loads when the kitchen is not too busy, and you can set your unwashed dishes down at all times. This may make the return of clean ware quicker, but you waste a lot of energy. Let dishes assemble and kept utensils in the racks of the appliance.

2.      Use the right dishwashing rack

      Use satisfactory dishwasher racks when you load your dishes. There are different dishwasher racks for plates and glasses as well as cups. You could also buy dishwasher racks for your kitchen to organize the contents efficiently. This means you can load a specific amount of dishes into the dishwasher and make your working ability more efficient.

3.      Use water softener

     A water softener can keep raw materials out of the heating elements. This makes the dishwasher’s heating process more efficient. Water softeners also utilize salt so that the water softening process inside the machine is facilitated and protects your machine from limescale.

4.      Turn off the heat dry setting

      You can analyze this, but many high water temperatures earlier persuade that the utensils dry in the air quickly after each rotation. Drying in heat may faster it moderately more but absorb a lot of energy.

Difference between a commercial dishwasher and a home dishwasher:

      There is a huge difference in size and energy consumption between the two dishwashers. A commercial dishwasher is huge in size and more in power whereas a home/residential dishwasher is small in both size and energy. Commercial dishwashers heat the water at 180 degrees whereas home dishwashers heat water at low temperatures.

The home dishwasher is made for a small/light wash of dishes while the commercial dishwasher is for a big load. Home dishwashers have a shorter lifespan than commercial dishwashers.

How do you load a commercial dishwasher?

The dishes must be load from a small to a large sequence. Before putting dishes in the dishwasher, make sure to rinse them. Clean off the food particles on the plate so that they could save from clogging. Now close/shut the door of the dishwasher and press the start button of the dishwasher for three or four seconds.

How to use a commercial dishwasher step by step tutorial


How much does a commercial dishwasher cost?

According to the features of a commercial dishwasher, it can cost almost 3000$ or 120,000$. But at an average rate, a commercial dishwasher price could be 13,975$. But conveyer dishwashers cost 25,000$. But don’t worry commercial dishwashers are also available at cheap rates in the market, which are affordable and well in their features.

How fast do commercial dishwashers work?

Well, commercial dishwashers work too much fast. But it also depends on models. A home commercial dishwasher likely takes 30 to 45 minutes to finish a wash cycle whereas under counter commercial dishwasher finish the cycle in 2 or 3 minutes.

Should I get a commercial dishwasher?

          In a commercial dishwasher, dishes are cleaned quickly. This is a great commercial solution because it can dry quickly, and it’s easy to use for customers who care about their health. These washers are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, or as eco-friendly as possible.

Does a commercial dishwasher need a hood?

Generally, commercial dishwashers don’t require hoods. This depends on several factors, as it does with a lot of commercial catering equipment. There is no need to purchase a vent hood for commercial under-counter dishwashers.

What is the life of a commercial dishwasher?

A commercial dishwasher can remain functional for up to 15 years if it is regularly cleaned and maintained. You’ll find these and other appliances in most commercial kitchens, and if they are maintained, they can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

Commercial dishwashers typically last 20 to 25 years, so energy and water savings can be substantial with high-efficiency units.


There are a variety of commercial dishwashers available. The list of brands that are available today only gets longer when you take into consideration all of them. To find the best washer for your operation, make use of this overview of commercial dishwashing.

A commercial dishwasher is certainly a good choice for you, regardless of whether you want a high-temperature conveyor or a low-temperature door type. Now you know “how to use a commercial dishwasher?”

If you have purchased a commercial dishwasher then make sure to maintain the dishwasher, pre-rinse the machine and use satisfactory dishwasher racks all the time. Alongside this, using a commercial dishwasher is protective and will make your life easy, effective, and more efficient. So if you find this article helpful then share it.

Finding how to clean a commercial dishwasher without damaging it. We have a step by step guide in the best and safe way.

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