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How to use dishwasher pods New and easy method

Usually, some people use detergents to wash dishes in the dishwasher. But for this, you have to measure detergent like how much quantity we need.

So to overcome these dishwasher pods are used to wash dishes. These are small tablets made of polyvinyl alcohol which wash dishes extremely clean only in one wash cycle. These dishwasher pods dissolve as soon they mix with water because they contain water and powder in them. But some of the dishwasher pods contain gel in them.

So here I’m going to tell you that “how to use dishwasher pods?” here we go:

Can you just throw a pod in the dishwasher?

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You can throw dishwasher pods directly into the dishwasher but it’s not good. Because most of the dishwashers have a program which is the pre-wash cycle. It means the dishwasher sprays water on dishes first and then wash the dishes. The dishwasher pre-wash cycle comes before the main wash cycle. So we suggest you put dishwasher pods in the detergent/soap dispenser drawer.

How do dishwashing pods work?

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Dishwashing pods work very efficiently and perfectly. First of all, locate the dishwasher detergent dispenser and then put the dishwasher pod in it. If you are going to load one wash cycle then you should use one pod and if you are going to load two cycles of dishes then use two dishwasher pods. Because it will remove all the grime and germs from the dishes and make them clean.

Dishwasher pods are usually dissolved at 125 to 130 degrees F. If your dishwasher has a temperature setting then set your temperature according to this. It will help in dissolving the dishwasher pods.

How to use dishwashing pods? Step by step guideline

How to use dishwashing pods? Step by step guideline

Dishwasher pods are very friendly to use. Dishwasher pods are one of the easiest and useful methods to neat and clean the dishes. We don’t need to measure them as we do for detergents, gels, etc. so the instructions on “how to use dishwasher pods?” are as follows:

Load your dishwasher:

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For loading dishes into the dishwasher, follows these steps:

Make sure all of your items are dishwasher-safe:

Before putting dishwasher pods into the appliance be sure that your utensils are dishwasher safe. Because in the dishwasher heat and detergent are used so you have to be careful. A dishwasher might damage your utensils.

Utensils made up of crystals, iron copper, and plastic are not useful for dishwashers. Some products have a label on their products that these are dishwasher safe or not. So before loading the utensils into the dishwasher, check whether the crockery is dishwasher safe or not. Don’t let your utensils sit in the dishwasher for 24 hours. Because it will harm your utensils.

Use a single pod for a regular-sized load:

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Usually, dishwasher pods have many advantages but one of the advantages is that they popped only one pod in a regular wash cycle. Because a dishwasher has three wash cycles i.e. easy, medium, and hard. And also has a regular wash cycle and full wash cycle. So for a regular wash cycle use one pod and if you have heavy dishes then use it twice.

Initially, detergents are to be measured for use because more detergent might harm the dishes. But dishwasher pods are packed by size and quantity according to every load. So they are easy to use.

Place the pod in your dishwasher detergent dispenser:

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First of all, locate the dishwasher detergent dispenser. Be sure you are placing the pod in the right position. It is located on the inner side of the door of your appliance and is specially prepared for dishwasher detergents and pods.

When you are closing the door of the dishwasher close the lock so tight that the pod doesn’t leak. Do not try to open the casing of the detergent pod because it is used for the size of the pod and prevents your skin from irritation.

Add a finishing liquid to your dishwashing load:


Finishing liquid is used in the dishwasher so that within the dishes the glassware also becomes shining and smudge-free. You can use it with dishwasher pods so that it can clean away all the grease and dust on the glassware. For this fill the rinse/wash aid dispenser with liquid and you don’t need to measure it the dispenser will automatically use the right quantity in the wash cycle every time.

Turn on your dishwasher and let the pod work:

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Usually, dishwasher pods mix in the dishwasher or water at a special temperature so that it will dissolve well and clean your dishes deep. So if your dishwasher has a temperature setting then adjust your temperature between 125 degrees to 140 degrees F.

How to choose dishwasher pods?


Dishwasher pods are of many types. So it is easy to use so here are tips to choose pods:

Choose a superior quality dishwasher pod:

Be sure your dishwasher pods deep clean your dishes. So as a question of superior quality dishwasher pods you need strong dishwasher pods that clean your dishes only in one wash cycle and you don’t need to use another pod.

Dishwasher pods are labeled with their ability like 12X and 15X power which means there are more powerful in cleaning the dishes. You can also choose dishwasher pods in scent flavors like lemon, rose, etc., and also scent-free. So as you prefer what you want?

Select pods that are environmentally friendly:

If you want to clean your dishes cleaner so you need to choose an eco-friendly pod. Choose a dishwasher pod that lessens your green footprint. So always choose an eco-friendly appliance for your kitchen.

If you are going to choose an eco-friendly dishwasher pod then make sure to choose a pod that is free from artificial fragrance and chemicals. There are also products in the market that state on them that it is green but yet check the list to confirm.

Store your pods in a fresh and dry environment:

As we know that dishwasher pods are water-activated so put them in a dry place so that they could not mix with water. Otherwise, they will melt.

Keep your dishwasher pods in a cabinet in the kitchen and away from the sink so that they will be saved from melting.

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Using Dishwasher PODS  For The First Time

Why is not my dishwasher using the soap?

If your dishwasher is not using soap then the soap dispenser is not working well. Either the soap dispenser is locked or not opening or it may be jam. So these two reasons are explained below:

A blocked dispenser

Whenever you wash dishes, first scrub the dishes so that hard foodstuff comes out. Because after the wash cycle the hard stuff blocked the dispenser and your dishwasher stop using soap. The other thing is that dispenser is not opening. If so then there may be soap in the dispenser that stops it from opening. Put warm water and scrub it with a brush.

Objects blocking the dishwasher dispenser

Objects like food particles, cookies sheets, fruits peel, or other hard stuff can cause of blocking of the soap dispenser. If the cutting board is put under the lower rack of a dishwasher then it also causes blockage.

What causes dishwasher pods to not dissolve?

Dishwasher powder or pods that do not dissolve during the cycle will not properly clean the dishes. So there are reasons which cause dishwasher pods to not dissolve.

Dishware blocking the dispenser cup

The first reason is that crockery is blocking the soap dispenser. Because when something will block the dispenser, the pods in it would not come out and dissolve so that is the common reason. Just clear the block of dishware and the pods would dissolve in the water.

Water not going into the dishwasher

The other reason is that water is not coming into the dishwasher. Because a float stuck in it in a shut-off direction. In such conditions, you should call a professional technician who will assess the float assembly and replace it if necessary.

Sticky dishwasher pods

Sticky pods can also be the reason for not dissolving. Your dishwasher might have been overloaded, you may have used too much soap which stop the supply of water, left too much food on the dishes, or you might have blocked the water supply.

Advantages of dishwashing pods

There are many advantages of dishwasher some of them are as follows:

  Effective in cleaning:

Dishwasher pods are very efficient in cleaning dishes. Because we don’t need to measure the number of pods as in detergents. So these are very convenient to use.

Dishwasher pods are made like capsules so these are not used overdose. Because you are sure about the quantity to give your utensils an exact shine. So using too much detergent can over the foam and can damage the dishwasher’s appliance and maybe replace after that.

Save water and energy:

A dishwasher saves water and energy because of its quantity. These pods make foam according to the need and use less water. That means the dishwasher needs a minimum amount of water during the wash cycle. So if the dishwasher runs less wash cycle it will save more energy.

 Convenient to use:

Dishwasher pods are convenient to use. Because like another detergent they do not overuse. As compared with liquid detergents, they do not spill during use. Dishwasher pods work more efficiently and easily during wash cycles.


Dishwasher pods are also eco-friendly. But many companies are manufacturing pods of all types. So if you are going to choose dishwasher pods see the label on them which has a green footprint. So eco-friendly dishwasher pods are baby safe and don’t irritate the skin while washing or touching the pod.

Dishwasher pods FAQs

 Are dishwasher pods better than liquid?

As in my opinion, dishwasher pods are convenient to use, space-saving, efficient, and have more detergent powder in them. But dishwasher pods have chemicals in them like bleach and other chemicals which are dangerous for your dishwasher.

On the other hand, liquid dishwasher detergent mix easily but if you have hard water then it’s impossible. Also, you have to measure the quantity of liquid dishwasher every time you use it. If the bottle of a liquid detergent breaks then there would be a mess.

 Can I make my dishwasher pod?

Of course, you can make your dishwasher pods. Because some dishwasher pods are expensive and if you want to make your pods then you can. For making homemade pods you use baking soda, vinegar, and washing soap. Mix all ingredients and put them in a mold and freeze for 24 hours. When they freeze you can use them as required.

Can you put dishwasher pods at the bottom of the dishwasher?

Yes, you can put pods at the bottom of the dishwasher but it is harmful so you should not do this. Dishwashers have their place to put the pods called dishwasher detergents dispensers. So put them in the slots because there’s a time when the pods are released during the wash cycle.

 Do dishwasher pods completely dissolve?

Yes, dishwasher pods completely dissolve but it depends on the dishwasher. Because every dishwasher is different from others so you need to test the pods a couple of times and see which pod is suitable for your dishwasher.

 Are dishwasher pods are bad for plumbing?

No dishwasher pods are completely safe for plumbing. If you are facing the problems of clogging then it will food particles and other materials stuck into the drain.

 What can you use if you don’t have a dishwasher pod?

If you are run out of dishwasher pods then don’t worry you can use liquid washing soap and baking soda to wash the dishes. So put washing soap in the soap compartment and put baking soda in the detergent compartment and run the cycle. Your dishes will clean as like with pods.


So this is the method of “how to use a dishwasher pods?” If you find this review helpful then share it with your friends and other people.

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